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The company

ENASTUR S.L., traces its origin to a traditional meat industry company, that has specialized in high quality products.

Our more than 50 employees, with vast experience in the elaboration and distribution of our own products and other food products help us to be one of the main agrifood industries in our region.

Our brands

Our Proaza sausages are an unquestionable representative of the Asturian pork industry. Product with nuances like smoking or home-made-production process. But our most differentiating aspect is raw materials - farm grain-fed hogs - delivering flavour enhancement and excellent product.

Our Chef de Proaza cooked dishes are faithful reflection of the Asturian and Spanish culture. Our preservative and additive free dishes are made with top quality ingredients and extra virgin olive oil. Quality is evidenced in that excellence is present in mass-production. The dishes are presented in microwaveable plastic trays which enable a long shelf-life due to the process based on a hermetic cooking system.

"Proaza" sausage and "Chef de Proaza" cooked foods do not require refrigeration. Additionally, the long best-before-date make them suitable for markets requiring such an advantage.

ISO9001 Enastur
Buenavista s/n, 33180 Noreña (Asturias, España)
- T. +34 985 741 347 / +34 985 741 911 - F. +34 985 743 044

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