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Our factory is located in the countryside between Oviedo and Gijon, down the Cantabrian highway that crosses Asturias by side to side, from Galicia up to Santander. It is few kilometres from Oviedo, where the most Asturian factories and industries are based, a perfect strategic distribution area, due to the excellent services and transport communication (by road, air and sea).

Enastur in Asturias

From Castilla y Leon, by car, leave the A66 at Mieres to take the AS1 towards Gijón up till the A64 junction from Galizia (east-side) or Santander (west-side). Here at El Berrón leave the highway to take the N634 road towards Oviedo. After few kilometres you'll reach ENASTUR. If you get by the AS1, A64 or N634, follow the above description.

Road map
ISO9001 Enastur
Buenavista s/n, 33180 Noreña (Asturias, España)
- T. +34 985 741 347 / +34 985 741 911 - F. +34 985 743 044

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