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Great Taste Awards: Gold stars for the Primera & Extra Picante

Posted on 23rd of September of 2010 at 17:16

It is a pleasure to announce that at the Great Taste Awards 2010, our Chorizo Extra Picante & Primera received respectively the desired three/two-star gold.

The great taste awards is the largest and most trusted awards scheme for speciality and fine food & drink. Since 1994 the guilds have judged over 44,000 products. This year alone, over 5,800 products have been blind-tasted by panels of specialists: top chefs, cookery writers, food critics, restaurateurs and fine food retailers. The awards provide recognition for those who make truly great-tasting food & drink and help small, artisan producers improve their recipes through feedback from the experts.

Last year 639 products received a gold star in the Great Taste Awards. A further 308 were special enough to receive two gold stars, while just 83 were awarded the coveted three-star gold that means the judges considered them ‘faultless’.
Great texture and appearance is what experts are looking for. They judge the quality of ingredients and how well the maker has put the food or drink together. But above all, they are looking for truly great taste.

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